Manuscripts and Publications

Freyr offers expert “end to end” scientific publication support services assisting in Systematic Literature Reviews, Meta-Analyses, Manuscript content development, Journal Submission Management, Coordinating, and journal peer reviews besides providing scientific design studio services catering to illustrations, Visual aids, Bioimages custom fit needs of the Manuscript. Our skilled Scientific writing team ensures compliance with journal-specific requirements and guidelines like GPP3 and ICJME, providing tailored end-to-end medical and scientific writing publication support.

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Manuscripts and Publications - Overview

Publishing scientific content may be a challenging process without expert publication support services. Dissemination of scientific information derived from clinical trials is a vital part of the clinical development program. This can be achieved by publishing the derived scientific information as articles in peer-reviewed journals with the help of a seasoned scientific content writing team.

Reasons for Manuscript Rejection

  • Outside the aim &
    scope of the journal

  • Unawareness of guidelines proposed by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICJME) & Good Publication Practice (GPP3)

  • Incomplete manuscript
    & formatting

  • Incomplete references

  • Plagiarism

With a qualified and skilled scientific content writing team, Freyr develops quality manuscripts, performs peer reviews, coordinates client reviews, performs quality checks, and accomplishes the project management of the various steps involved in publication.

The Freyr scientific content writing team has proven proficiency in developing and delivering best-in-class manuscripts (medical, dental, pharma, nursing, physiotherapy, etc.) to customers while adhering to stringent timelines and high-quality parameters. Freyr also ensures that the scientific information published aligns with the journal-specific requirements. The scientific publication support team at Freyr is aware of the standards of GPP3 and the ICJME guidelines.

Freyr is a preferred global medical writing services provider for writing, performing independent quality reviews, and conducting a thorough technical review of manuscripts while offering tailored and end-to-end scientific medical writing and publication support services per the customers’ needs.

Publication Support Services

  • Journal selection.
  • Manuscript writing & development.
  • Abstract preparation.
  • Manuscript editing & proofreading.
  • Cover letter writing/editing.
  • Plagiarism check.
  • Manuscript submission & resubmission support.
  • End-to-end publication support services.
  • Identification of suitable peer-reviewed journals.
  • Development of a publication plan.
  • Development of the manuscript structure and outline.
  • Literature search and review.
  • Quality control of the data and scientific information.
  • Manuscript finalization.
  • Manuscript submission.
  • Develop or execute submission-related documents.
  • Scientific writing and publishing
  • Support in addressing peer review comments.
  • Multiple manuscripts have been published in various peer-reviewed journals.
  • Shortlisting journals for publishing scientific content.
  • Knowledge of ICJME & GPP3 guidelines.
  • Vast experience in medical and scientific manuscript writing across multiple therapeutic areas like oncology, neurology, cardiovascular, psychiatry, respiratory, renal, gastrointestinal, etc.
  • Defined processes for scientific writing through medical, editorial, and quality control reviews.
  • Well-versed in working with stakeholders like SMEs, KOLs, and peer reviewers.
  • Timely delivery with the highest quality of scientific information & satisfaction.
  • Hands-on experience deploying the applicable tools, e.g., reference management, etc.

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